Market Tag pick up for Swine, Beef Feeders, Dairy Beef Feeders, Market Goats and Market Lambs will be held:

Come to the OSU Extension office from 8:30-4:00 Monday-Friday, April 4th to April 29th (No weekend pick-ups) 

OSU Extension Office, 500 Market Street, Suite 512, Steubenville, Ohio 43952.

Also, 5-7:30 pm, April 8 and April 18 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Kitchen.

This allows for a full month of tag pick up dates, including two evenings.

Families should pick up their own tags! Advisors or friends should not pick up tags.

The family member or person who places his/her name on the tag sign out sheet is responsible for the tag numbers picked up.

Tags should be left in the bag with the enclosed information regarding specie and owner until the exact moment that you are putting the tag in the animal's ear.

DO NOT DUMP OUT ALL THE TAGS YOU PICKED UP AND THEN TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHICH TAG BELONGS TO WHICH CHILD AND WHICH SPECIE ETC. (Youth member's projects can be disqualified if a wrong tag ends up in a wrong ear.)

Every parent/guardian has a responsibility to assist their own child in this tag pick-up process. Any extra/unused tag must be returned directly before the exhibitor's animals are weigh in at the start of the Jefferson County Fair to the sale committee member running the scales.


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