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Buckeye Beef Byte

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A series of discussions with Beef industry specialists at OSU and producers in Ohio. Podcasts feature conversations on resources at OSU, working with students, opportunities in the industry, and present and future trends.


Hydrologic & Climate Report

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The Ohio Hydrologic and Climate Assessment is presented by Doctor Aaron Wilson, and brought to you by the State Climate Office of Ohio (SCOO), in conjunction with Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center.


Agronomy and Farm Management

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You don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy Agronomy and Farm Management, a podcast from OSU Extension. Learn about cutting-edge agricultural technology and research and up-to-date information on the economics of managing a farm. Farmers can gain insights into how to increase yields and improve their bottom line – and the rest of us can enjoy hearing about about multi-hybrid planting and that Ohio State logo corn field was created.


Buckeye Agripod

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Discover science-based solutions for agriculture and natural resources with the Buckeye AgriPod. Hosted by Ohio State University Extension, this bi-monthly podcast features Extension professionals sharing insights and innovations from applied research. Subjects range from diverse farming enterprises and techniques to natural resources management and collaborative partnerships.


Biobased Radio

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Biobased Radio is a new podcast from the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center that aims to promote a more sustainable future through conversations with influential figures within the bioeconomy field. A recent episode features an interview with Brad Rogers, a senior manager at PepsiCo. He touches on how the parent company of Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana, Gatorade and Quaker is taking strides to produce their products more sustainably. Tune-in to learn about what bioproducts are, how they’re made, and how everything from your chip bag to the fuel you put in your car can be biobased.


Manufacturing Tomorrow

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How are robotics and additive manufacturing disrupting traditional processes? What skills do the current workforce need to acquire as new technologies are introduced? How close are we to a future with flying cars? Manufacturing Tomorrow host Kathryn Kelley, executive director of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute addressed all these questions during a recent episode featuring Bronson Jones, CEO and owner of Banner Metals group, a small metal fabrication manufacturer. Kelley’s guests are the unsung heroes of advanced manufacturing, from company C-suite executives and engineers to industry-facing academicians and government leaders. Each guest talks about the work they do that helps create the products and processes that impact us.